I feel fortunate for the various opportunities I've had to share my macro passion and knowledge with interested and aspiring shooters. Below, you’ll find a collection of links to videos, podcasts, and articles. If you’re interested in collaborating or have any questions, please contact me!

Live with Olympus #1

Live with Olympus #1

When the coronavirus pandemic locked down communities across America (and around the world), Olympus began using Facbook to offer ‘Home with Olympus’ presentations to cover a variety of photography topics. This one’s all about macro!

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Live with Olympus #2

Live with Olympus #2

In my second live session with Olympus, I explain the unique features of my favorite lens. I also discuss how to use my camera's built-in focus bracketing and focus stacking to capture photos with varied focus and produce results with greater depth of field.

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CreativeLive Macro Photography Class

CreativeLive Macro Photography Class

Part of the CreativeLive+Olympus 'Step Outside' series, this class is a beginner’s guide to macro and insect photography. I explain how to explore and photograph a hidden world with minimal gear. I also touch upon the behaviors of insects and their relationships to plant life so that you can capture amazing images whether you're on safari or in your own backyard.

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We Are Photographers Podcast

We Are Photographers Podcast

Listen to my chat with Kenna Klosterman to hear me explain how to find macro subjects in your daily life, whether that’s in your backyard or balcony at work, and how best to slowly approach them before they fly or run away. Hopefully, by the end of the episode you’ll have a much greater appreciation for the little things.

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Podcast with Olympus

Podcast with Olympus

For this episode of ‘Podcast with Olympus,’ I joined Olympus UK Visionary Geraint Radford and Olympus’ own Amanda Strozeski to discuss our gear, techniques, shooting experiences, and more.

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GetOlympus Instagram Takeover

OM SYSTEM Instagram Takeover

During Insect Week 2022, I took over the OM SYSTEM Instagram Stories to share my macro setup, talk through basic settings, and show how I approach macro subjects.

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The Olympus Guide to Macro Photography

Olympus Macro Guide

Along with fellow macro photographer Geraint Radford, I helped Olympus to create this guide that shares our tips, techniques, and secrets for taking stunning outdoor macro shots.

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My Olympus Gear for Field Macro

My Olympus Macro Gear Article

Regardless of what you like to photograph, it’s important to arm yourself with the right gear. Learn all about the Olympus (now OM Digital Solutions) equipment I rely upon while I'm in the field shooting macro.

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Mastering the 60mm Macro

Mastering the 60mm Macro Article

The M.Zuiko 60mm F2.8 Macro is my absolute favorite lens, but it wasn’t always. This article digs into my journey with the 60mm Macro and offers tips that I wish I'd known when I first got my (now-) favorite lens.

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Finding Macro Subjects

Finding Macro Subjects Article

Interacting with subjects in the wild is what I love most about photography. But you can't interact with them if you can't find them! This article is filled with tips to help you find and approach live subjects.

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My OM-1: Custom Settings for Field Macro

OM-1 Macro Custom Settings Article

When it came time to set up my OM-1 for macro, I drew from what worked with my E-M1 Mark II and made a few adjustments to take advantage of the new camera’s upgrades. This article details exactly how I customized my camera for use in the field.

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Focus Stacking with the OM-1

Focus Stacking with the OM-1 Video

In this short video, I share how to set up focus stacking on your OM-1 camera, demonstrate how to shoot an automatically bracketed series of image for in-camera stacking, and provide tips on utilizing this great feature.

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Lens in Focus: Chris McGinnis’ Favorite Olympus Lens for Insect Photography

Lens In Focus Article

This article for the Adorama Learning Center (AKA 42 West) is all about the Olympus M.Zuiko 60mm Macro lens. Learn why it's is my go-to for the vast majority of my macro photos.

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Tips for Beginner Insect Photography

Insect Photography Tips Article

Are you interested in trying your hand at field macro? This 42 West article is full of tips that I wish someone had told me when I was getting started.

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Essential Gear for Macro

Essential Gear Article

If you're shopping for new gear (or maybe you're just macro curious), check out this 42 West article covering everything you'll need to get started with macro photography.

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Best Accessories to Improve Your Macro Photography

Macro Accessories Article

Having the right accessories can ensure camera stability, help with tricky angles, improve lighting, and more. Here are some must-have accessories that can improve hit rates and take your macro photography to the next level.

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Best Camera Settings for Macro Photography

Macro Settings Article

Although perfect one-size-fits-all settings don’t exist, you can dramatically improve your chance at success by configuring your camera with some baseline settings before ever leaving the house.

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Olympus Passion: It's the Little Things

Olympus Passion Article

In this article for Olympus Passion magazine, I recap my journey toward macro photography, explain my in-field approach, and discuss how I finish my images before sharing them to social.

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Live at B&H OPTIC 2022

Live at B&H OPTIC 2022

I had the great honor of presenting live at B&H OPTIC 2022: NYC's Premier Outdoor, Wildlife & Travel Photo/Video Conference. This session is all about making the most out of macro opportunities in your own backyard.

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B&H Podcast: Macro Photography in Your Backyard and Garden

B&H Podcast

After presenting at B&H OPTIC 2022, fellow macro enthusiast Heather Larkin and I sat down with Allan Weitz, John Harris, and Jason Tables from the B&H Podcast to chat about the joys of macro.

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Live with Dan's Camera City

Live with Dan's Camera City

I got together with Scott from Dan's Camera City and Renae from the Wildlands Conservancy to talk all about where and how to photography tiny subjects in the wild.

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